Center for Transnationals' Studies of Nankai University

·A team led by teachers from the Center for Transnationals’ Studies achieved good results in the 4th MIB Do... 2020-11-23
·Researcher Xinyu Hou won the 2020 "Contemporary Economics Doctoral Innovation Project" award 2020-11-16
·"International Economics" was selected as the first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses 2020-11-06
·The center submits final materials for two major projects of the "13th Five-Year Plan" base 2020-10-28
·Assistant Professor Hong Zhao of the Center for Transnationals’ Studies Co-published Papers in High-level ... 2020-10-23
·Associate Professor Qilin Mao won a general project support by the 2020 National Natural Science Foundation... 2020-09-21
·The thesis written by a student under the supervision of Professor Lei Li was selected as Tianjin Outstandi... 2020-09-14
·The press conference of "Forty Years of China's Absorption of Foreign Investment (1979-2018)" was successfu... 2020-09-10
·Professor Shunqi Ge participated in the 2020 International Investment Forum Expert Committee Expert Seminar 2020-09-10
·The center submits final materials for a major subject of the "13th Five-Year Plan" base 2020-07-20
·Professor Bin Sheng was interviewed by China News Service on the master plan of Hainan Free Trade Port 2020-07-09
·A number of teachers were selected into the "Ranking of the Most Influential Scholars in Chinese Philosophy... 2020-07-02
·Professor Shunqi Ge participated in "Free Trade Port `Cloud' Dialogue" 2020-06-23
·Nankai University holds a special conference on liberal arts base construction and research innovation 2020-05-29
·Professor Bingzhan Shi published an academic paper in "Management World" 2020-05-08
·Associate Researcher Mao Qilin won the "May Fourth Youth Medal of Nankai University" in 2020 2020-05-07
·Associate Professor Qilin Mao of our college was supported by the 17th Young Teachers Fund of Higher Educat... 2020-04-22
·Professor Bin Sheng and Associate Professor Qilin Mao won the first prize of the "Business Development Rese... 2020-04-15
·The "Global Economy under the Impact of COVID-19 and Challenges to China" Network Meeting Was Successfully ... 2020-03-27
·Nankai University School of Economics Centennial Celebration Series "Chinese Enterprises Enter Africa" Foru... 2019-11-08
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